Thank you for visiting.  KinderPlace is a non-profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Contributions are deductible under IRC Section 170. We are designated a public charity under IRC Section 509(a)(2). There is no charge for information or materials. But, if you are able, your financial support will keep us going, growing, and closing the "learning gap." 

Our Mission...

  To improve children's learning and development during their most important years.


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After 50 years in early childhood development, it has become painfully evident that students are entering school less prepared than a decade ago, or even a year ago. Data shows that students who start school behind, stay behind   ...catching up is virtually impossible. And each year, 4 out of 10 kids are already behind on the first day of Kindergarten.

Constantly Under Construction!

A "learning gap" has developed between children whose parents are actively involved in their children's early development and those whose parents are less informed as to how to prepare their children. The "gap" has widened each year; and many parents are in need of resources and direction. Some don't know what to do or where to start to facilitate their child's development.  It is time to invest in parents as a child's first and most influential teacher by providing resources. 

         KinderPlace will provide those materials and direction free of charge to all.

We are in the process of centralizing information, instruction, and resources so that they are easy to access.   

We are producing virtual field trips to expose children to the world around them; animated read-along video books to excite them about the adventures reading delivers; a world zoo because kids love animals.  It's a big project and we could use whatever help you could provide, with resources: technical ability, teaching materials, financial support.

KinderPlace is developing a program designed for working with parents and their children to get them Ready and Set to Go for that first day of formal school.  It will also be free of charge to volunteers, civic groups, churches, schools, teachers...anyone who has a calling to close the gap. 


                                               Ready, Set, Go!

KinderPlace will provide access to materials (PowerPoints, worksheets, videos, etc.) for classroom teachers to download free of charge; perhaps, easing their workload.                         

Please send a contact form and we will include you on our distribution list. 

Your information will never be sold or re-distributed in any manner.  Thank you.

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