Our Mission...

  To improve children's learning and development during their most important years.


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Each year, 4 in 10 children enter Kindergarten lacking the skills to be successful.  2 of those children are woefully behind. Their abilities are two-to-three years below grade level. 2 others are a full year behind. Data dramatically shows that students who start school behind, stay behind...catching up is virtually impossible. 

Come in!

In the last 20 years, there has been a drastic decline in fine and gross motor skills among 4- and 5-year-olds. But the deficiencies do not end with motor development. Language, literacy, background knowledge, and comprehension have also suffered greatly.  

KinderPlace is currently being revised, improved, re-organized, and systematized for use by parents and teachers of the very young to get them ready for school.  Please be patient and bear with us. It will still be free. 

Readiness for Kindergarten involves much more than singing the alphabet song and counting to 10.

Children need to be exposed children to the world around them; animated read-along video books to excite them about the adventures reading delivers; a world zoo because kids love animals, nutrition and health education, an introduction to the world that exists outside the inner-city, and more...too numerous to list. 

Let's close the Kindergarten "readiness gap" and assure that all children succeed in school. 

KinderPlace is committed to providing instruction videos, downloadable materials, and parent/teacher direction free of charge to all.

It's a BIG problem requiring a BIG solution.  We need whatever help you can provide: resources, technical ability, teaching materials, financial support.

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KinderPlace is a non-profit organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Contributions are deductible under IRC Section 170. We are designated a public charity under IRC Section 509(a)(2). Our EIN is 85-2775915.  There is no charge for information or materials. But, if you are able, your financial support will keep us going, growing, and closing the "learning gap."